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The Value of Opinion Polls

Introduction Polling companies invest a lot of time and energy into creating the impression that they offer certainty about their predictions and yet in many cases they are proved wrong….

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Reflections on the Dublin Jordan Peterson event/The Jordan Peterson Demographic

{This article is a response to the recent event held on the 14/7/18 in the 3Arena headlined by Jordan Peterson} Liberals are making a mistake. At a time when the…


Catholic Red Herrings, Papist Scapegoats & Dead Horses

I constantly see a phenomenon in Irish politics where when liberal leftists don’t get their way or if there is an important election coming up, they whip out their resentments…

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The Impact of ‘Business’ on Brexit

As an avowed eurosceptic I have followed the attempts of the British people to break free from the European Union with interest. In the run up to the UK referendum…

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Liberalism Needs an Enemy

The Death of Democracy Fintan O’Toole has been telling us in The Irish Times recently that we in the West are living in a state of “pre-fascism”[1] and that everything that…

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The Attack on Nationality and Community in Modern Ireland

My younger sister graduated from primary school today and having a lot of locals in the parish hall celebrating really made me think about community. From my experience with spending…

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The Liberal Promised Land That Can Never Be

There’s a pilgrimage that today’s liberal leftist elites seem to be walking on. This great hope of reaching the liberal “promised land” where all disparities within society will be erased…


Nationalism Versus Republicanism

Historically speaking the ideology of republicanism represented the most radical of Irish nationalism. Whereas ‘nationalists’ espoused working within the British parliamentary system to achieve a limited form of self-governance, republicans…

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Know Your Enemy – We Need Constructive Euroscepticism

A maxim old, a maxim new: “Know your enemy.” It’s a phrase one could largely presume to be common sense, and yet seemingly we as people tend to lack it…